From the Energy Reform promoted by the Mexican government in 2013, the sector is expected toplay a leading role in Mexico in the development of the economy, competitiveness and social welfare.

The Energy Reform aims to attract investment and modernize the energy sector.

Inteliglobe's mission is to participate in this process, enabling new companies and power plantswith robust and efficient connectivity systems, both in urban locations and in remote locationswithout coverage by operator networks; offering solutions based on the best practices of the ICTIndustry and with regulatory compliance in Mexico.

We provide a comprehensive communications and IT service to companies in the energy sectorthat are in the process of implementing power generation plants in locations without or with poorcoverage of telecommunications networks.

The implementation of communications constitutes an independent project due to itsspecialization and involved processes that not only involve technical aspects but also managementwith different governmental and regulatory compliance entities. The valuable solution is to adviseand support our Client from start to finish until the operation of their communication systems is achieved.

Coverage Analysis. Analysis of connectivity options of the sites required by the Client. All operators, all networks, allexisting infrastructure in Mexico are considered in the analysis).

Complete solution required by CENACE
CENACE requires Generators, a specific communication solution. This solution carries Hardwarerequirements, voice and data communication, site configuration and measurement quality.Inteliglobe provides the complete solution requested by CENACE, as well as advice for theintegration of the link with the rest of the Client's elements..

Designs / Engineering
Network design, detail engineering. Information that is shared with the Client to solve CENACE requirements.

Construction / Implementation of New Infrastructure
Installation of new infrastructure (fiber, radio, satellite) if required.

Technical advice.
Accompaniment to cover the requirements and requests of Telecomm / CFE

Monitoring and Support 7x24
Through the Inteliglobe NOC, reports and incidents are monitored and attended 24 hours a day,365 days a year.

Turnkey service
Comprehensive end-to-end solution.Installation, testing and release of links with certified personnel..

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